Transeo is an international community of European merger & acquisition experts. The community was founded by the European Commission in 2010 as an answer to the high amount of businesses that quitted without succession. Transeo wants to support the transfer of these businesses to new owners and thereby save jobs (660.000 on an annual basis in Europe alone!). is a proud member of the Transeo community since 2016 and our founder Ben Koppenens attends most of the meetings to stay in touch with fellow M&A experts and the community.

For who is Transeo?

The Transeo organization connects 3 different types of experts:

  • Experts from the private sector (professionals such as law firms, intermediaries, brokers, auditors, accountants, chartered accountants, tax consultants, corporate finance advisers, M&A consultants, … and also banks & private equity firms, and business transfer marketplaces)
  • Experts from the public and semi-public sector (government enterprise agencies, development banks, chambers of commerce)
  • Experts from the academic sector (universities, business schools, …)

What does Transeo do for us and thereby for you?

Transeo encourages transfers and acquisitions of SMEs in Europe and beyond by:

  • serving as a platform for exchanging good practices on a variety of operational issues;
  • developing academic and professional knowledge on transfers and acquisitions of SMEs
  • providing its members, like, with a range of activities like networking and dealmaking opportunities, to help them become stronger in their local ecosystem
  • being involved in advocacy on business transfer issues to keep them at the top of political agendas by raising awareness among policymakers, and acting as a reference expert in the field

The Transeo community is one our gateways to other M&A experts in Europe, and therefor an important network that we support for our clients: their buyer or seller may be provided by Transeo!