When you've found a web store that you’d like to purchase, then it's time to ensure the quality of your purchase. In addition to the classic financial elements of a business acquisition, an e-commerce acquisition calls for specific issues to investigate and verify: SEO, SEA, CMS, and so on. You may be completely familiar with these subjects, but there are probably also a few elements where you could use the opinion of an expert. To this end, we offer several web store scans.

These scans are mainly used by buyers to get an idea of ​​the current state and potential of a web shop, making it a valuable part of the purchasing process.

Any web store can be examined on four elements: Search Engine Optimization, Advertising (Google Ads), Technology, and Legal. For each of these aspects, a comprehensive report will link back to the status of the web store with the findings, concrete improvements, and a clear explanation.

The cost for each examination is € 450,- and the reports provide a solid basis for both the negotiations and the first period after purchase when you want to get started with improvements.

Sellers who want to improve (the value of) their online business will benefit a lot from the reports as well!

1 - Search Engine Optimization

Important Search Engine Optimization elements are highlighted for you: To what extent does the web shop comply with current SEO methods? What is the current position in the search engines? Are they sustainable? What position is the competition? What are the improvement points?

2 - Search Engine Advertising

The Search Engine Advertising (paid results in search engines - in particular, Adwords from Google) campaigns from the web store are fully examined and scanned for improvement points, its potential and current level of competition. (This scan requires the seller's cooperation).

3 - State of the Web Store Technology

The web store performance is analyzed in detail to determine to what extent it meets current requirements. Think of Magento updates and used modules to ease the interface. (The seller's cooperation is a prerequisite for this scan)

4 - Legal Part

All (supplier) contracts, legal business documents, and terms and conditions will be reviewed. (Here too, of course, the seller's cooperation is required)

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