Below you will find the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not yet listed and answered? Then use our contact form or call +31-10-7607070.

1. How do I submit my own web store for sale?

1. On our homepage, you can sign up as a seller.
2. In two steps, we ask for your (business) data and some important data about the web store you want to sell.
3. Once you have sent this information through the form, we will create an anonymous shop profile that you can review.
4. The profile will be on our platform under websites for sale, after which potential buyers can contact you through our platform after they signed a non disclosure agreement.

We treat all information that gives your identity (such as the domain of the shop) strictly confidential. It’s always your decision to provide your confidential information to potential buyers.

2. How do I contact the seller of a web shop?

1. Sign up as a "buyer" via the form on our homepage.
2. Then sign in and you have access to the general information about any particular web store (asking price, etc.)
3. At this time, you do not know which web store (url) it concerns. To view this information, you will have to contact the seller via the profile page to request access his/her confidential information.
4. Before you are able to do that, you need a full and verified membership (from € 34 ex VAT). Then, ask the seller on his profile page for access to the confidential information by confirming our digital NDA.
5. As soon as the seller gives you permission (most do it automatically, some do it manually), you can contact the seller directly through the inbox in your account. You then can also view the confidential information (such as the shops URL).

3. Why do buyers need a membership? is a matching platform: buyers use our platform to get in touch with selected sellers and sellers use our platform to get in touch with verified buyers. In our opinion the platform hence provides a service to both buyers and sellers. As a result we made the decision not to charge one party with all costs, but to divide our fee over both parties.

4. What does the use of cost?

The basic functionality (the 'matching' of web store buyers and web store sellers) is offered to sellers based on 'no cure no pay'. In other words, sellers only pay when they have successfully sold their online business through our platform. In that case, we charge 1% of the agreed transaction price with a minimum of € 299.

Sellers of a web store that we classify as a ‘start-up’ have the option to pay a smaller one-time fee instead when they register.

Buyers can sign up for free to view public web store details. In order to request the confidential information (the URL) and to contact a seller, a full membership a € 29 is required. A full membership is a verified account that allows a buyer to contact an unlimited amount of sellers.
Note: The seller determines whether access to confidential information is granted. Always address your requests with a personal message!

5. How does the non disclosure agreement work?

This agreement is the legally binding document, which obliges the buyer and seller to treat all shared business data confidentially. You can view this standard document here. This agreement has been drawn up by our legal partner ICTrecht and every signed version is downloaded by both the buyer and the seller as a PDF file in his/her account on our platform.

6. What exactly does the verification entail?

We think it's important that sellers and buyers are confident they know whom they are in contact with. Therefore, we proactively verify the accounts on our platform. This means that we verify the identity that buyers and sellers provide to us.

As a seller, you'll easily see this information in your message inbox: All potential buyers you contact will be provided with an icon next to their profile name. If there is a green checkmark next to the name, we have verified the data of this party. If there is a gray square, this account has not yet been verified. Accounts that we cannot verify will remain inactive.

Suppose, as a seller, you receive a message from a non-verified buyer and you do want contact with this buyer but only after our verification - send us an email and we'll take action.

We always advise buyers to provide as much information as possible when registering, so we can easily verify your account and not delay your contact with sellers. For the same reason, you may want to enter a business email address and not a Hotmail or Gmail account.

7. Who can access my data?

The data you enter as a seller will be stored in our database. During the registration process, we will inform you which information will be used publicly and which information will only be provided after the confirmation of a digital non disclosure agreement. Even when buyers have signed the non disclosure agreement, you, as a seller, still need to approve their access to your confidential information. And of course you are able to refuse access: in that case, nothing will be shared.

8. Is my data safe?

In accordance with our Terms and Conditions and the Dutch law, we endeavor to store all data as secure as possible. In addition, we regularly and carefully test our platform. On our platform, you will never find e-mail addresses , web store addresses or ads. Also, names of companies and persons of users are not publicly shown on our platform. Only after the signing of a digital non disclosure agreement is some data shared between the (potential) buyer and seller and only after the explicit consent of both parties.

9. What if I forgot my password?

If you don't have a password or have forgotten your password, simply request a new password here .

10. How do I determine if an online business is a good deal?

We advise you at all times to do thorough research before you buy a web store. You can start with market research and an inspection of the web store. As soon as you’re in contact with the seller it is very wise to investigate the state of the web store itself. (SEO, SEA, Technical aspects & Legal) – We offer web store scans for this. Before you close any deal, make sure you’ve done a thorough due diligence and investigate the financials of the online business. At this stage you could also approach us the execute a business valuation.