Our marketplace software is built for M&A businesses and based on industry proven technologies. Our matching platform software runs as a series of plugins and extensions on top of Pimcore. This creates a rich environment were many daily tasks and common features are taken care of by the excellent Pimcore developers, and gives us the ability to focus on the marketplace software itself.


The result is a unique software stack for managing data and user experiences. For over 7 years the Pimcore team has strived to make the strongest, most effective open source digital platform on earth. To enable companies to own their digital world. Founded in 2013, the Pimcore GmbH is the true home of some of the brightest minds in content management, digital asset management, product information management and eCommerce. And every day, these guys push the limits of Pimcore.



Marketplace Features

  • Matching buyers & sellers
  • NDA (PDF) Generation
  • Subscription module (paid)
  • Anonymous profile listing
  • Message center
  • Virtual Dataroom
  • Google Analytics Import
  • Newsletter integration
  • New profile Alerts
  • Custom Search profile
  • For advisors: manage your client profiles
  • Company value module
  • Free datafields for Company Profiles
  • 20+ Email templates all customizable
  • Alert settings customizable
  • Upsell e-mail chains


CMS / Pimcore features

  • Custom design
  • Use your own (Pimcore) extensions
  • Mobile & Responsive
  • Full Pimcore CMS
  • Multi Language / Muli Domain setup
  • Extensive Workflow Configuration
  • Digital Asset Management
  • API for connecting other platforms
  • Magento connection (thirth party)
  • Ecommerce module
  • User level & Roles



The platform can be offered as a SaaS solution or it can be self-hosted. There are special requirements for hosting a b2b platform, where confidantiality and performance is key. Data clients enter can be highly confidential, and security is a top priority. All hosting solutions and SLA's are tailor made. Contact us for more information or to plan a demo.