Why Businessforsale.eu

In our market there are 2 alternatives for (e-commerce) acquisitions: On one side of the spectrum low-end marketplaces with simple advertisements and, on the other hand, the major corporate acquisition offices. In the anonymous marketplaces you have no idea who you're in contact with and who might contact you. On the other hand, the major offices usually aim at classic SME acquisitions and their pricing is corresponding.

Having successfully completed various e-commerce business transfers, we concluded that there is no full service acquisition platform that's competitively priced with a focus on e-commerce. Online business is a specialty and requires specialized acquisition experts. With millions of active webshops in Europe and abroad, a dedicated platform is a necessity. Hence, in the course of 2015 Businessforsale.eu was founded, in cooperation with a network of e-commerce and acquisition specialists.

Our approach

You can expect a careful and discreet approach on our user-friendly platform. Each registration is processed by us personally and matched to existing profiles. In addition, as a seller you don't pay any fees upfront. As a buyer, you have the option between 1. A free account that allows you to view public data and 2. A full membership. This account is verified by us and enables you to see all web store details and to contact all sellers. Of course, when you actually buy an online business, we can support you with a wide range of additional services. (web store scans, online business valuation and more) .

The founders of Businessforsale.eu

In 2015, the platform was developed step by step by Ben Koppenens and Sander Scholten with an advisory role of various corporate acquisition specialists. In March 2016 this resulted in the privatization of the platform with the establishment of WebshopOvername B.V. To contact us please fill out the form on the contact page. There you will also find our location and visitor address.