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Frequently asked questions regarding businesses for sale in Europe

Explore our comprehensive list of common question below. If you don't see your question addressed, feel free to get in touch through our contact form or dial +31-10-7607070.

1. What's the process for listing my e-commerce store for sale?

  1. Navigate to our homepage to register as a seller.
  2. We require certain details, both business-related and specific to your online store, in a two-step process.
  3. After completing and submitting the form, an anonymized profile of your store will be generated for your review.
  4. This anonymized profile will appear in our "Websites on Sale" section, where interested buyers can connect with you after agreeing to a non-disclosure contract.

Your identity and domain-specific details are kept under strict confidentiality. The choice to share sensitive information with potential buyers is entirely up to you.

2. How can I get in touch with an e-commerce store seller?

  1. Use the form on our homepage to register as a buyer.
  2. Log in to browse basic details about various online stores, such as the asking price.
  3. The store's URL is initially undisclosed. To learn more, you must request confidential information from the seller through their profile page.
  4. A verified, full membership (starting from €34 excluding VAT) is needed to proceed. Confirm our electronic NDA to request access.
  5. Upon receiving approval from the seller, you can converse directly through your account's messaging system and see any confidential details like the store's URL.

3. Why is membership required for buyers? operates as a liaison platform, aiding both buyers and sellers in finding one another. Both parties benefit from our services, so we've opted to distribute costs among both buyer and seller rather than placing the financial burden on one side.

4. What are the costs involved in using

For sellers, the basic matching service is on a 'no success, no fee' basis. Only after a successful sale through our platform do we charge a 1% fee, with a minimum of €299. Sellers of startup online stores can opt for a reduced one-time registration fee.

Buyers can register for free to see public details of online stores. A full membership for €29 is required to contact sellers and access confidential information. Access to sensitive data is at the seller's discretion.



5. How does the non-disclosure agreement function?

This is a legally enforceable document crafted by our legal partner ICTrecht, ensuring that both parties maintain confidentiality regarding business information. Both parties can download a PDF version of the signed agreement from their account.

6. What does account verification involve?

To build trust between users, we actively confirm the identities provided during registration. Sellers will notice an icon next to a buyer’s profile indicating their verification status. Unverified accounts remain inactive. Contact us via email if you wish to interact with an unverified buyer.

7. Who has access to my data?

Your information is securely stored in our database. During registration, we’ll specify which details are public and which are released only after a digital NDA is confirmed. Even then, you retain control over who sees your confidential information.

8. How secure is my data?

In line with our Terms and Conditions and Dutch legislation, we make every effort to securely store all data. Our platform undergoes frequent security tests. User-specific details, such as email and company names, are not displayed publicly.

9. Forgot your password?

Should you forget or lack a password, you can reset it here.

10. How do I evaluate an e-commerce business?

We highly recommend conducting in-depth analysis before making any purchase. Start with market research and a thorough examination of the online store’s various components, such as SEO, technical specifications, and legal aspects. We offer web store assessments for this purpose. Before finalizing any transaction, also consider conducting a detailed financial review. We can assist with business valuations at this stage.