When you sell your online business

Businessforsale.eu operates on a 'No cure, No pay' principle. (no deal, no costs) This means that, as a seller, you will not be charged in any way if you don't sell your web store to any of the parties that our platform connected you with. Once your online business is successfully sold through our platform, we will charge 1% of the agreed transaction price (with a minimum of € 299).

When you buy a web store

As a buyer, you have the option between two accounts: A free basic account and a full membership account. The basic account already gives you access to some of the details of the web stores for sale and we'll inform you about the acquisition opportunities. To actually get in touch with sellers, you need a full membership. The data in this account is verified by us so that both buyer and seller know whom he/she is in contact with on our platform. The full membership allows unlimited access to our platform and is not automatically renewed.

Basic Account - € 0, -

Full Membership - from € 34, -

View all asking prices

+ Request unlimited access to confidential web store details (incl. URL)

Automatically receive new listings

+ Account verification


+ Send unlimited messages


+ More filter options (Web store platform and way of order handling)

Additional acquisition services

In addition to matching, Businessforsale.eu supports the acquisition process with various additional services: Acquisition contracts for example, online business valuations and detailed reports that determine the status of the business in the area of ​​SEA and SEO (due diligence). Please contact us for more information.

M&A Consultants

For consultants who regularly provide buyers and sellers with guidance on the buying and selling of web stores, we apply special rates. If your company has more than 5 corporate accounts (accounts are personal), you will receive a special rate. For more information please contact contact@businessforsale.eu.