The basic service of our acquisition platform is the matching of web stores for sale to the tens of thousands registered buyers of e-commerce websites in our database. If you would like to know how to get in touch with all these sellers/buyers: Learn more under the menu item working method and in our FAQ .

It's important to realize that the users of our platform are verified by us. In your account, you'll see a green check mark with every person you are in touch with. 

Discretion is extremely important in our business and we take your confidentiality very serious. You decide what information you share and this information is treated confidentially at all times. No sensitive data is shared with any buyer or seller until you have granted permission.

For Sellers: Premium Sales Support

The sale of your online business is a special event and most entrepreneurs will have little experience with this. For us that is our ongoing business and for this reason, we offer our premium sales service in addition to the standard matches. The sale of your web store begins with a meeting ('intake') at our office or via Skype. After that, we will provide you with a non-binding indicative value and draft a detailed sales memorandum for potential buyers . Your online business will be offered via our own channels (platform, social media, and newsletter), but we will also actively contact market participants with your (anonymous) company profile. If desired, we will also deal with the first buyer contacts and guide you to a deal.

For more information please contact

For Buyers: Know What You Are Buying

The purchase of an online web store is a specialized work that most businesses do not perform on a regular basis. Therefore, it is wise to find support for the information of which you are less aware. For this reason, we provide an e-commerce due diligence package. Within this package, the web shop to be purchased is carefully reviewed by our Technical, Search Engine, Advertising, and Legal experts. With the results, you know not only what you are buying, but you will also have a good indication of how much potential you can afford and how to do it!


On our homepage, you will find a module that gives you an idea of ​​the value we link to a web store based on the shared data. It should be made clear that this is no more than an indication of value and it may not include all the features of the specific online web store.

In addition to this free value indicator, we offer a paid valuation that analyzes the web store and its individual environment in detail. A detailed PDF report is available that provides you with stronger status during the negotiations with your (far) buyer!

Acquisition Agreements

Once a buyer and seller have agreed on the purchase/sale of a web store, it is important to record the agreements in a formal acquisition agreement. Here, of course, we have web store-specific agreement templates that can be purchased with or without legal guidance.