The basis of our platform is quite easy. On our platform, you will find all ecommerce websites for sale. If you are interested in any of these web stores or want to offer your own web store for sale, please sign up as a "buyer" or "seller" on our home page. We'll ask you for a few details of your online business or your search profile. Any confidential information you share with us is treated strictly confidential and is never shared with third parties unless you explicitly consent to this. On our platform, we only place short, anonymous summaries as 'teasers' for interested parties.

We put a lot of energy into the successful mediation between buyers and sellers and for that reason, we require a few conditions for admission: Every web store preferably has a minimum order history of 24 months and a minimum turnover of € 25,000 per year. Additionally, buyers and sellers whose identity cannot be verified will not have access to our acquisition platform.

For the web stores that can't meet these conditions, we have set up a dedicated area on our platform called 'startups'.

Contact Between Buyers and Sellers of Web Stores

After you register on our home page as a buyer or as a seller, we will create a free profile for you based on the shared information. The seller's profile will then be listed anonymously on our website. And the buyer's search profile is included in our internal database.

After registration, buyers can review the public details of the web shops offered for sale (asking price). However, the confidential information (such as the URL) is only visible after the seller has approved access.

This works as following: Every buyer digitally signs a privacy statement via our platform when he/she first contacts the seller for more details. (Note: To be able to apply for access and to contact the seller, the buyer must first have registered as a full member.) The seller then has the option to confirm the signed statement and thereby release the confidential information to the buyer. Once the statement is confirmed, the buyer and seller can share information between each other. The signed confidentiality statement can, at any time, be inspected and/or downloaded by the buyer and seller in their account. 

Of course, at any time and at any stage of the sales process, if you require further assistance, please contact us.

If you would like to know more about the functionalities of our acquisition platform, please refer to our FAQ section.

Our Rates

Sellers who enter into an actual contract with the buyer of their web shop via pay a 1% transaction fee with a minimum of 299 euros ex VAT. If no deal can be concluded, there will be no costs. Hence, 'no cure no pay'!

Sellers of web shops that we classify as ‘start-ups’ may choose to pay a small one-time fixed amount in advance.

Buyers pay from €29 ex VAT for a verified account that allows them to unlimited contact web store sellers and request access to their confidential information. 

More information can be found in our terms and conditions.