(formerly was founded by Ben Koppenens and Sander Scholten in 2015. Both are experienced (e-commerce) entrepreneurs with a wide range of experience: From corporates to start-ups and from specialist technical projects to commercially-driven websites. The major similarity in the career paths is e-commerce. For Ben, it started with the creation of websites for SME customers in 1998. For Sander, his starting point was around 2002, with the roll-out of his first web-based concept. After completing their studies at The University of Delft & The University of Groningen both gained experience with different employers after which entrepreneurship brought them together in 2010. With the experience of founding and selling various companies and web stores, they are now the founders of Sander Scholten is responsible for customer contact and matching. Ben Koppenens is the technical specialist and responsible for the platform. They are supported by Karlein Lelieveld and Audrey Toren.


In 2014 and 2015, Sander sold two e-commerce companies and both times the huge gap between the service offered by acquisition specialists and the possibilities of anonymous marketplaces struck him as a business opportunity: The current specialists are mainly focused on classical SME acquisitions (with a corresponding pricing) and if attention is paid to web stores, it's usually regarded as less important. The anonymous forums / marketplaces on the other hand, do not verify the identity of its users nor any of the information provided. This makes it difficult to estimate the value of an e-commerce website being sold and may result in a long and unclear acquisition process that will never result in a deal. chooses a competitive positioning, roughly between the existing types of parties in the market: We select valuable contacts for you through our verification process (both buyers and sellers), and we can support you on e-commerce related subjects especially relating to mergers and acquisitions.