The acquisition of an online business is a process that requires preparation. It is always worthwhile to get in-depth advice. Not only financially, but certainly also technical: Do you know exactly what you are buying? Although the acquisition of an online business usually is less complicated than the acquisition of a classic SME company, you should take into account similar acquisition steps. We'll first describe the the acquisition process for buyers and then for sellers: 

For Buyers of an Online Business

When purchasing an online business, you will proceed through the following steps: You start with thorough preparation, then approach sellers, negotiate price and conditions, close the deal, and then complete the transfer of the acquired business. In more detail, we identified the following steps for you:

Step 1 - First consider whether you start a web store from scratch or buy an existing shop ("Make or Buy")

Step 2 - Make a list of your wishes regarding the to be acquired web store and determine your budget

Step 3 - Register yourself as a buyer on

Step 4 - Sign the confidentiality statement and contact a seller

Step 5 - Analyze sales documentation and conduct your own market research to determine future prospects

Step 6 - Determine your negotiation strategy

Step 7 - Negotiate towards a win-win situation

Step 8 - Due diligence research

Step 9 - Draft and sign an acquisition agreement


For Sellers of an Online Business

You start with a detailed plan of approach, determine the value of your online business(es), prepare your business for a sale, close the deal and then finalize the transfer to a buyer. Step by step:

Step 1 - Prepare your online business for a sale (make sure its easily transferable)

Step 2 - Valuate your online business

Step 3 - Register yourself as a Seller on 

Step 4 - Draft a detailed sales document for potential buyers

Step 5 - Connect with potential buyers and sign a NDA with them

Step 6 - Determine your negotiation strategy

Step 7 - Negotiate towards a win-win situation

Step 8 - Give the buyer the opportunity to execute a due diligence

Step 9 - Draft and sign an acquisition agreement

Step 10 - Transfer your business

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